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Don’t Let Sports Injuries Keep You from Playing Hard this Summer

Don’t Let Sports Injuries Keep You from Playing Hard this Summer

Sports InjuriesSummer is the perfect time to try out a new sport or outdoor activity. Unfortunately, a new sport sometimes means new sports injuries. When you start running and jumping in new ways, your body may be unprepared for the new activity. This can result in strains, sprains or even tears in the muscles, ligaments and tendons of your body.

If you are suffering from sports injuries in your back, neck, shoulders, knees or ankles, a chiropractor may be able to help treat your injury, as well as prevent new injuries in the future. When most people think about chiropractic care, they probably think about spine adjustments, and while that is a big part of chiropractic care for sports injuries or any other issues, modern chiropractic care goes way beyond that. The goal will be to improve your joint function and reduce inflammation and joint pain, so you can enjoy your outdoor sports activities this summer and all year long.

Athletes are more susceptible to sports injuries because of the repetitive motion of training. Some sports also involve forceful impacts. Athletes should be careful to warm up properly and not over-train. Before starting a new sport or training program, it is a good idea to visit a chiropractor to discuss care.

Chiropractic treatment for existing sports injuries or to prevent sports injuries will usually start with questions about your lifestyle and athletic goals. This detailed conversation will be followed by a thorough examination. Once the exam is complete, your chiropractor will discuss treatment options with you. Together, you can create a plan for keeping your body in top shape to achieve your athletic goals.


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