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What to Expect when You First Visit a Chiropractic Clinic

What to Expect when You First Visit a Chiropractic Clinic

chiropractic clinicDuring your first visit to a chiropractic clinic, the doctor will explain exactly how subluxations (spinal misalignments) occur and how chiropractic care can be used to correct them, plus the many other benefits that this drug-free, non-invasive healthcare modality has to offer. If you have never had a spinal adjustment, the doctor will answer any concerns or questions you may have.

After reviewing your medical history and conducting a physical exam, you will lie on a comfortable table. Sometimes, the chiropractor will ask you to wear a hospital gown while assessing your spine, or you may also remain fully clothed. It’s best to wear something non-restrictive, so you will be more comfortable while you are lying down or resting on your back or sitting while the adjustments are being performed.

While being adjusted at a chiropractic clinic, you might hear a popping noise from your joints. Do not be alarmed! This sound is often pressure (nitrogen gas) being released from the joint space. Your spine is pliable and flexible, so every adjustment will help put the vertebrae back into correct alignment to restore full function.

Are there any side effects? Treatment at a chiropractic clinic is effective, natural and safe, but you might experience a few side effects after your first visit, such as mild soreness or fatigue. This is perfectly normal, and they usually disappear within 24 hours.

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