Posture & Ergonomics

Posture & Ergonomics
Posture & Ergonomics Posted by Optimum Wellness September 24th, 2018

Using correct Posture & Ergonomics can minimize overall back & neck pain!

Posture & Ergonomics

Does this poor posture look familiar? This state of being is quickly becoming an epidemic, and this picture says it all! Todays world has a large group of the population sitting, for an incredible amount of time without breaks. So consumed by deadlines, facebook, and angry birds! So what now? Some would say stand instead, but I’m quite sure that if we wait long enough for a chance to study this group of individuals, we will have new problems to deal with! Perhaps we need to address this epidemic from a different perspective.

How can we get you away from your desk more often?

  • Take frequent breaks (water station, copy machine, lunch!)
  • Walk on your lunch break (most of you aren’t taking one are you!)
  • Stretch more often (or for some of you….stretch more than never!)
  • Have your co-workers remind you to move
  • Take time to refresh your eyes, drink more H2O

Some basic ergonomic tips can help! Follow the link below for a great deal of useful information on each facet of a well designed ergonomic workstation.

How to Ergonomically Optimize Your Workspace

Posture & Ergonomics