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How Massage During Pregnancy is Beneficial

How Massage During Pregnancy is Beneficial

Massage During PregnancyWhen you first learn that you are expecting, you might feel a bit inundated by the long list of things that you should and should not do during pregnancy. One of the things you might wonder about is whether you can have a massage during pregnancy. While it is important to mention to your massage therapist that you are pregnant, this is mostly so that they can perform the massage in a way specifically geared towards the changes your body is going through.

Massage and chiropractic care are actually quite beneficial when you are pregnant. As your body compensates for the additional weight, it is not unusual to experience muscle strains and misalignments that can make you more uncomfortable than is typical or necessary. In addition, you will find that labour is easier if you have addressed these misalignments before delivery.

Massage during pregnancy also has several of the same benefits as it does when you are not pregnant, such as stress relief and relaxation. Anything that you can do to achieve balance, increase strength, and improve wellness is not only beneficial throughout your life, but can make pregnancy an easier task.

At Optimum Wellness in Barrie, Ontario, we offer a wide variety of services, including massage during pregnancy. With our whole body treatment approach, you are assured a healthier and happier you. Call us with any questions you may have about massage during pregnancy and how chiropractic can help you before, during, and after pregnancy.


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