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Is Massage During Pregnancy a Good Idea?

Is Massage During Pregnancy a Good Idea?

Massage During PregnancyIf you are a woman who is pregnant or who has experienced pregnancy, you know that during this time, your body goes through many changes.   Your body will experience changes in hormone levels, emotions and physical characteristics.  While many of these changes are exciting, some are not so enjoyable.  For example, some of the least favourable changes involve pain and swelling during pregnancy.  Pain and swelling during pregnancy are most commonly associated with the changes that occur in your weight, blood circulation and posture.  In order to take the best possible care of your body and your baby, it will be necessary to find alternative methods of pain relief.  One of the best alternative methods for pain relief is massage during pregnancy.

Massage during pregnancy is particularly beneficial due to the positive results it yields.  Many women experience pain associated with the sacroiliac joint, back pain or pain due to edema (swelling caused by water retention).  When prenatal massage is performed, it can lead to a reduction in swelling, in back and joint pain, in anxiety and in the levels of cortisol (the stress hormone). It can also lead to greater relaxation and the ability to sleep better through the night.

In most cases, massage during pregnancy is completely safe and an excellent way to deal with the discomforts of pregnancy.  Situations in which massage during pregnancy would not be a good idea include: possible miscarriage, unexplained swelling in the lower legs, UTI, or eclampsia.  In these situations, you should contact your doctor for prompt medical attention.

At Optimum Wellness, we want your pregnancy to be as pleasant as possible.  When you are experiencing pain, contact us.  Let us assist you in reaping the many benefits of massage during pregnancy.


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