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Massage During Pregnancy: You Deserve It for Growing a Human!

Massage During Pregnancy: You Deserve It for Growing a Human!

It’s not easy being pregnant! Weight gain, nausea, swollen ankles, varicose veins, heartburn, and a truck full of other uncomfortable side effects make it a long nine months for even the toughest woman. When it comes right down to it, pregnancy should be rewarded and, thankfully, one of the greatest rewards for women is the relief a good massage during pregnancy can provide.


Massage during pregnancy is great for a lot of different reasons, the most obvious reason being that it just feels good. And at a time in life when even getting in and out of the car can be tricky, anything that feels good is worth investigating. Massage during pregnancy also reduces stress, relieves muscle and joint pain, and improves labour outcomes and the heath of the newborn. Studies in recent years have shown that massage during pregnancy helps in hormone regulation. Regular massage helps decrease norepinephrine and cortisol (the hormones associated with stress), while dopamine and serotonin levels increase (when these hormones are high, depression is usually not present). Increased levels of these hormones lead to fewer complications during birth and with the newborn, as well, including reducing low birth weight problems. Massage during pregnancy reduces swelling, improves nerve pain, reduces headaches and tension, and leads to better sleep– a positive for any pregnant woman!

While getting your partner to offer you massage during pregnancy would be great, there are some precautions to be taken, so it’s best to leave massage to professionals. Let your partner go to work on your tired feet, and contact our massage therapists at Optimum Wellness for the full body massage. Call us today for an appointment- you deserve it! After all, you are growing a human!


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