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A Few Myths and Facts About Lower Back Pain

A Few Myths and Facts About Lower Back Pain

lower back pain

Instead of relying on hearsay about the causes of lower back pain and which treatments are best, rather consult a healthcare professional. In the meantime, here are a few myths and facts.

Myth: The best treatment is bed rest.

Fact: Many people believed this to be true at one time. However, bed rest may in fact worsen the pain unless it is so sore that you can’t move. If you have new or chronic lower back pain, see a chiropractor.

Myth: Pain is the main sign that something is not right.

Fact: Pain is certainly a sign that something is wrong, especially if it is chronic and prevents you from doing your everyday activities and chores. However, when there is a problem, you don’t always feel pain in your back. Discomfort or restricted movement in your arms, shoulders or legs can also indicate that there’s a problem with your spine.

Myth: Only heat is good for lower back pain.

Fact: Both heat and ice are viable options for treating your pain, depending on the injury. If you have questions about which one would be better for your situation (or if you should use a combination of both), feel free to contact us.

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