Rehabilitation Products, Barrie, ON

Rehabilitation Products, Barrie, ON
Rehabilitation Products, Barrie, ON Posted by Optimum Wellness August 15th, 2016

We offer rehabilitation products that can assist in your recovery in Barrie.

Rehabilitation Products in Barrie, OntarioHave you been undergoing rehabilitation for an injury? Do you need post-surgery options to ensure your body gets back on track? When you are trying to get your body to function the way it should, sometimes rehabilitation is the hardest part. At Optimum Wellness, we are dedicated to providing a whole-body approach to wellness, and part of the way we can do this is by offering rehabilitation products that assist in your recovery.

  • Back Supports – If you need relief for back pain due to a motor vehicle or workplace accident, you may be looking for rehabilitation products that will give you the most support. At Optimum Wellness, our back supports are the perfect rehabilitation products to keep you comfortable while your back heals.
  • Pillows – Neck problems can be the leading cause of pain and discomfort in other parts of our body. Potentially causing everything from headaches to shoulder pain, your neck deserves special care. When you visit us at Optimum Wellness, you may want to ask about our pillows as an excellent option for additional neck support while you are sleeping or relaxing. This will lead to improved comfort and reduced issues as your neck heals.

If you have questions about the rehabilitation products available to you at Optimum Wellness, or if you would like to schedule an appointment for chiropractic or massage therapy care, please call us today. We offer a multi-disciplinary approach and client-centred values to meet your needs in Barrie, Ontario. We are here to assist you in total body health.