Massage for Athletes, Barrie, ON

Massage for Athletes, Barrie, ON
Massage for Athletes, Barrie, ON Posted by Optimum Wellness November 9th, 2015

We encourage athletes with sports-related injuries to participate in massage for athletes in combination with our other therapies in Barrie, ON.

Massage for AthletesSports-related injuries come in a wide range of severities, from aches and strains to torn connective ligaments and broken bones. Though there are many treatment options available to you, you may find that some treatments are less effective than you are hoping for, or, on the other end of the spectrum, are intense and invasive. Finding the right solution for your specific needs is something that we specialize in. Here at Optimum Wellness, our multidisciplinary approach means a wide range of treatment options, allowing you to feel comfortable and confident with your treatment solutions.

As a facility, we pride ourselves on offering only the latest in tools and techniques to bring full-body healing. We don’t believe in localized treatments only; we take pride in providing complete mental and emotional healing along with our physical treatment options. As an athlete, a sports injury can leave you feeling out-of-place and frustrated. We understand your concerns, and our goal is to have you healed and well as soon as possible with treatment solutions that will last.

If you do experience related acute injuries down the road, our treatment options will alleviate pain and provide for a wider range of motion. Our programs increase strength in injured joints and muscles, and our effective treatments can increase flexibility in strained areas of the body.

We encourage those with sports-related injuries to participate in a long-term therapy plan with us to alleviate pain both immediately and in the future. When you begin to participate in your sport once more, you may notice the muscles are tenser than they used to be. Our client-centred services that can combine massage for athletes and chiropractic care will release tension, allowing you to comfortably build strength and confidently move forward without the constant fear of further injury.

Athletes who come to us for treatment can take advantage of one or several of our advanced treatment options. Dedicated athletes who participate in demanding sports can take advantage of a combination of chiropractic care and massage therapy to ensure the health of their body as a whole. Consistent care can get rid of excessive tension and stress, increase motivation and drive, and relieve muscle pain in aching legs, shoulders, backs, etc.

Our advanced treatment options include:

Massage for athletes
Chiropractic care
Kinesis Myofascial Integration (KMI)
Cold laser therapy

As a team, we are dedicated to treating your mental, emotional, and physical ailments through the use of one or more innovative treatment options. Unlike other facilities, we will never give you an absolute, invasive treatment solution that you may be uncomfortable with. We work at a pace that is comfortable for you, both personally and physically. We believe there are many ways to achieve optimal results when healing the body, and we are confident that we can provide treatment options you will be happy with.

If you are in the Barrie, ON area, contact us at Optimum Wellness to learn more about the many options available to you for the treatment of your current or chronic sports-related injury symptoms. We specialize in chiropractic care and massage for athletes, as well as several other state-of-the-art treatment solutions you can’t find everywhere else. Let us design a treatment plan that is made especially for you!