Wellness Centre, Barrie, ON

Wellness Centre, Barrie, ON Posted by Optimum Wellness September 12th, 2016

At our wellness centre in Barrie, ON, we treat the individual as a whole person and avoid just masking symptoms.

Optimum-291x300Over the last decade or so, the popularity of wellness centres has increased. A wellness centre is a broad term that can be used to describe a location with a number of different types of health services and health professionals. Typically, wellness centres take a multi-dimensional approach to healing, recognizing that the total picture of health involves physical, emotional, mental, behavioural, and even spiritual well-being.

As opposed to finding the symptom and prescribing treatments that will simply alleviate that symptom, as most traditional medical approaches seem to do, wellness centres focus instead on finding and addressing the root of the problem and then adopting the correct preventative measures to avoid the problem from coming back in the future. Holistic medicine is becoming much more prevalent and popular today, as many are recognizing an increasing trend in the medical world to over prescribe and under treat. Wellness centres treat the individual as a whole person and avoid just masking symptoms.

At Optimum Wellness, we recognize that your health is directly related to your happiness and will take whatever measures possible to get your health and wellness (and happiness) to a level you can be comfortable with. Our wellness centre offers a total and complete approach to your health and wellness. We are located in Barrie, ON and specialize in chiropractic services and massage therapy. Our health practitioners work closely together to develop a treatment plan that will give you the optimum wellness you deserve. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.




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